Dark Kitchens
Creation and management of kitchens for delivery
Project type
Shared-use Dark kitchens

Enter our shared kitchen program for delivery and take away. Intended for virtual brands, restaurants and investors.

  • Reduce investment and operating expenses
  • Expand locations
  • Scale your delivery business
  • Increase sales through our software
Single-user Dark kitchens

We offer our experience from turnkey, total control under rent, on demand, or simply execution, design or legalisation.

  • Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Digital gastronomic consulting
  • Software
A Dark Kitchen is a professional kitchen, designed to cook product for delivery

We help you create your company by solving the basic questions of food safety and business implementation in Coocció.


We set up your restaurant in Coocció, where you will have a production space, a workspace and an area for delivery and take away.


Grow with us in our following locations and join our program of new, shared dark kitchens with all its benefits.

We have developed the first Dark Kitchen for aggregators in Spain

Coocció is the first gastronomic incubator in Europe, operating shared kitchens since 2016. In 2017, we also opened the first Dark Kitchen for an aggregator in Spain: Glovo’s CookRoom.

We contribute with our experience through solutions, design, legalisation, application of sanitary criteria and other considerations when designing, building and operating shared and single-user kitchens.

Brands that have operated in our Dark Kitchen